Frequently Asked Questions


⦁ Q: How do the preserved flowers compare with the live plants available with other retailers in price?
A: For the price of a regular Flower bunch, it is now possible to acquire an attractive, natural, original and lasting decoration object.

⦁ Q: How often do I need to water the preserved plants?
A: They require no watering, no lighting or particular temperate. A simple occasional dusting is enough to maintain their glare.

⦁ Q: What is the average life of a preserved plant?
A: Preserved plants keep their original softness and freshness maintenance free, for 5 years.

⦁ Q: What do I do if I wasn’t able to find answers to my question?
A: Use contact form below or  email us at for any questions you may have.

⦁ Q: Will the receiver see the price of the gift items I send them?
A: No. The receiver of the gift will only see an invoice of the product and your customized message.

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