Why Flowerbox Wall Gardens?

Why Flowerbox Wall Gardens?

Flowerbox Wall Gardens originated in France and is inspired by the vertical wall gardens of botanist Patrick Blanc, Flowerbox offers innovative and practical solutions for decorating the walls of your home or office with the natural beauty of the outdoors.


Unaltered natural plants and flowers are harvested at the peak of their most vibrant state, and then preserved by replacing their sap with a glycerin-based stabilizing solution. Long after our preservation process, the `Preserved Plants & Flowers` retain their original color, form and softness for many years. Our unique preservation process enables our product to be maintenance free, soil free, water free, and light free.

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Flowerbox Wall Gardens are 100% customizable so we can create anything you desire for indoor areas. The gardens are mounted on top-grade fire-retardant fiberboard, made in the U.S., and installed by certified Flowerbox technicians For more information, stay tuned!

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