Hilton Maryland

The most amazing work is the one where you sync with your client right from the start. Or, should we say - from the blueprint. When the brainstorming is really storming ideas, you know it is going to be a successful project.

Halifax Restaurant NJ

It took 3 different types of mosses, ivy, a perennial plant, an idea, a unique concept, crafty hands, experience, and dedication to completely transform walls and create the perfect green indoors for this client.

Gelso & Grand Restaurant NJ

One of the most charming decor details in Gelso & Grand Restaurant in Little Italy, NYC is their beautiful exposed brick wall.Giving this space a unique character and texture

Manelli Building NJ

Flowerbox Wall Gardens team of designers and technicians enjoys improving and refining both commercial and residential interior design projects.

Ignitia Coworking NYC

Ignitia coworking space, based in Brooklyn, NYC, is one of such places. Led by the vision that the right people, brought together in the right place

Tudor City Steakhouse

Wall Applications can enliven a space but Wall Gardens, custom made by Flowerbox Wall Gardens, bring another dimension to any space.

Continental Industries NY

Flowerbox Wall Gardens create custom-made, unique decorative solutions for residential and business clients alike. Continental Industries from New York decided to take their interiors to the next level with us.