Wall Gardens

A Unique Concept – Patented Worldwide

FlowerBox Wall Gardens offers superior-quality, one-of-a-kind vertical walls using preserved plants. We are the leader in preserved wall garden design with over 12 years of experience. Our award-winning work livens up any interior space and is available in 32 countries. FlowerBox’s know-how and proprietary technology has been continuously improved to obtain an exclusive and reliable product.

Wall gardens are made from plants that go through a patented preservation process, keeping their color, texture & vitality bright, ensuring their impact is long lasting. The preservation process allows us to create a unique product that combines the best of two worlds: The unique beauty of a natural plant combined with the durability of an inert object.

Wall Gardens

Handcrafted by FlowerBox technicians using the highest quality materials that conform to all US building requirements and regulations. All plants and signage are attached by hand to ensure high quality results, made to order, creating a lasting impression using the beauty of nature. Our work is fully customizable and can be found at some of the most prestigious buildings in New York City and all around the States.

Preserved Moss & Flowers

From flat moss, bun moss or reindeer moss to ferns, exotic & tropical plants, vines and grasses, tree branches, forestry and flowered foliage, we offer more than 50 kinds of high-end preserved plants, flowers and other green elements unique and sustainable interior decoration and design.

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